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Health Care Supplements

Let’s face it. We are all fighting an uphill battle getting the nutrients that our bodies require Many people think they are eating “healthy. However, the food we consume often suffer from decreased nutrient density. Many people suffer from poor nutrient absorption. Busy lives and lack of time to prepare a “good” meal leads to fast food and quick fixes.

Proper nutrient consumption and absorption are even more critical with trying to recover from an injury. Your body requires various building blocks to rebuild and recover. This is an often-overlooked component of injury recovery. Lack of proper nutrition can lead to chronic pain syndrome. The tissue is never able to adequately rebuild. There is a wide array of supplements that can aid in speeding up recovery.

We carry several brands of supplements in our practice. They are only offered through doctor’s offices and are not available in big box stores. Why you ask? Our products are clean and void of filler, stabilizers, and other preservatives that are required for the long shelf lives required by the big supplement stores. What does this mean for you? A higher-quality product that allows for greater absorption and usage by our body.

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