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  • Testimonials"In 2007 as a professional middle distance runner, I suffered what many people would have thought was a career ending injury. Having already run a 2008 Olympic Trial Qualifying Time in the 3k Steeple Chase, my coach and I decided to do one more “touch up” race to get me ready for the 2007 Nationals. However, when I jumped over one of the hurdles, I landed awkwardly, and a significant piece of talus bone chipped off my ankle. I trained for 4 months in pain thinking it was a really bad sprain, but a second MRI confirmed that I could not go on without a major surgery that would replace my talus bone and the huge amount of cartilage that I lost. After 6 months of rehab and recovery, I was still not able to jog without having pain in some area of my body. I could not even walk without hurting.

    At 26, I was not ready to give up my running career and future goals for the 3k steeple chase. I knew I needed more than just help with my ankle. I needed a total body makeover to even attempt running again. Plenty of people (doctors and physical therapists included), were negative about my situation. I was advised more than once to quit running and become a swimmer or a golfer.

    I heard about Indian Trail Chiropractic through Ramona Pedemonte, a fantastic physical therapist that works there. She explained how Dr. Andy Evec assessed and worked on all kinds of problems including sports injuries and athlete maintenance. Reaching the end of my rope, I decided to call and make an appointment at Indian Trail Chiropractic. As soon as I stepped foot into his office, I was immediately met with optimism and hope. He was amazing in assessing my ankle and structural problems and coming up with a plan of treatment. Within weeks I was running again. Within months, he and his staff had each in their own way, helped me to make a comeback in a sport that requires extreme demands on the body!

    Because of what he has done for my ankle, leg pain and whole body, I am running 70-80 miles a week and have competed this year at the national level in the mile, steeplechase and 5k. I recently qualified for the USA National Track and Field Championships in the 3k Steeplechase with a top 20 time. In the preliminary round, I lowered my time, putting me in a top 12 position. I am currently in the process of training for some National Caliber road races including the Road Runners of America 5k national Championships in August, and the U.S. 5k Road National Championships in September. Although nothing is ever a given, I believe and hope that with the help of Dr. Evec, I will be able qualify for the 2012 Olympic Trials and this time be healthy enough to attend!

    I am confident in their ability at Indian Trail Chiropractic to help people with all kinds of physical disorders live a pain free and unrestricted lifestyle."

    Newton Running: Stephanie Pezz Pezzullo

    By - S P.
  • "After suffering a massive stroke, I was referred to Dr. Evec to become part of my rehabilitation team. Since becoming a patient I have made tremendous improvements on my affected side. His techniques have really helped when other rehabilitation methods have failed or showed little progress.

    Dr. Evec and his staff have helped my recovery to have more normalcies and less pain in my life. With Dr. Evec’s extensive knowledge in his field and wealth of contacts within the medical community, it enables him to provide any patient with the very best recovery care suited for each individual.

    I would highly recommend Dr. Evec and Indian Trail Chiropractic & Rehab, to anyone. They have made a true difference in the quality of my life and I credit a lot of my recovery to him and his staff."

    By - C J.
  • "It is my pleasure to tell you about Ramona Pedemonte, a physical therapist that is tops in my book. She not only does a thorough assessment of the problem but then tailors the treatment to your needs. Unlike many other physical therapists, she works with you one to one, checking that you are performing the exercise correctly and also urging you to keep on. I have been to other physical therapists that leave you alone, and have had more damage done then help…not Ramona. She will help you reach your potential through her extensive knowledge and training, coupled with patience and encouragement. I am impressed by her multi faceted approach, varying the exercises to keep you focused. Things I thought impossible at first are beginning to happen. I am thankful for all she has done for me and also for my husband."

    By - KG., R.N.
  • "I went to see the Physical Therapist, Ramona, due to an accident I was in. I was greatly impressed by her technique and methods of bringing me to the most optimal health possible. She introduced an innovative method to me which I believe accelerated my recovery. The key to optimal recovery is to practice the techniques at home. With her upbeat personality and professionalism, she gives you the tools to continue at home and really puts the workings of the body into simple layman’s terms so you can understand how the injury occurred and how the exercises will strengthen and improve the injured area of the body. In short, she’s fantastic!!!"

    By - J S.
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I am confident in their ability....
- Stephanie P.
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