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About Us

Family Focused. Movement Minded.

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We all stay active in our own way, whether that be as a weekend warrior, Crossfit enthusiast, climbing the stairs at work, or simply playing with our kids and pets. The key to staying active is proper movement and alignment, and our passion at Indian Trail Chiropractic & Rehab is to keep you moving and moving well. Through chiropractic adjustments and specialized treatment plans, we can keep you doing the things you love.

No matter the sport or level of competition, you have to be able to move and move well. This ability to move begins with the joints. Faulty joint mobility and movement patterns inhibit our ability to perform, optimize, and participate in our sports. It also greatly increases the chances of injury.

When you come to Indian Trail Chiropractic & Rehab you’re not just another patient, you become part of our team. We care about our patients and focus on improving the overall quality of life. We take the time to listen, gather history, determine overall health goals, and create specialized plans for each goal.

Purpose - is to help as many people as possible live healthier and more enjoyable lives by achieving their best version of themselves. We do this in as natural a process as possible without the use of drugs or surgery. We do this by educating our patients and empowering them to take control of their health.

It is our mission to serve all, providing the community of the Indian Trail and the surrounding areas with the highest level of evidence-based corrective chiropractic care with integrity and truth. We desire to transform lives in mind, body, and spirit through our passion for lifetime family wellness so that all may achieve optimal health, healing, and performance.

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